Title: The Black Panthers Speak

Author: Philip S. Foner

ISBN: 9780306812019
Pages: 328
Description: Foner’s collection of primary Black Panther Party materials is an important read for anyone interested in moving beyond the commonly accepted and dismissive stereotypical representation of the Black Panthers as just a group of angry, young black men. “Hearing” the Panthers speak, you realize how much of their critical consciousness and deep revolutionary beliefs were silenced by labeling them a physical, violent threat. The extent to which law enforcement and judicial officials were willing to violate their Constitutional rights to defeat what was really a class struggle more than racial warfare (another common misrepresentation) is especially disturbing. The transcript from Bobby Seale’s Chicago trial is particularly enlightening on this point. Reading this book in 2011, one can’t help but think about our current “War on Terror” against “religious extremism” and wonder what those fear-provoking labels obscure in terms of our current understanding of the actual “threats” we face and the strident response to them.
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