Once a Hero

Author: Elizabeth Moon

ISBN: 9780613926232
Pages: 400
Description: In this quite entrancing space adventure, we have Esmay Suiza as the main character. Now, those like myself who read previous books by this author will have met Esmay as a side character in Winning Colors (The Serrano Legacy, #3) where she was a key factor in the resolution of that adventure. The first time I started this book I could not get into it, because having read three adventures with Heris Serrano I was really wanting more of the same and at first meeting Esmay is nothing like Heris.

Giving myself a bit of a break, meant I could come back and thoroughly enjoy this book. The story is complex, well written and the different story arcs complement each other, coming together at the end seamlessly. The main character, Esmay, while different enough from Heris Serrano actually has a great many similarities the more we read about her. They are both scarily together women with amazing abilities. While Esmay’s backstory is different enough to be individual there is still the family expectations and the horse theme running through this, as the other Serrano Legacy books. As with previous books, there are a range of secondary characters, also well written and good writing. Very good, solid writing that pulls you into the scene.

The descriptions of the DSR Koskiusko are fascinating and very well done; a great big ‘ship’ that is a cross between a ship and a maintenance space station, massive and filled with all the things and people needed to fix space stations. Brilliant setting! Anyone with any experience with actual armed forces maintenance facilities will find it especially believable,I suspect, for any number of reasons.

Thoroughly enjoyed it, will read more.
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