Class Collision: Phoenix Rising

Author: Annette Mackey

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Description: Linda marries him, but she doesn’t have a clue who he really is.

David Bastien, born into one of the wealthiest families on the eastern seaboard, loses everything when at the age of ten, he is kidnapped for ransom. Although he escapes, events conspire against him to prevent his return home. Now, years later he and Linda are on the run from his former boss, Linda’s father. After a quick elopement, they head off to Seattle. With the prospect of work, David hopes to build a life of lasting happiness together, though Linda isn’t so sure. After learning that David has been lying to her, she begins to worry that he will be just like her father, abusive and cruel. When the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor, David is forced out to sea where his hope of survival replaces long lost dreams of returning home. Now he must either tell Linda who he really is, or risk taking his secrets to the grave. Don’t miss the exciting conclusion in the Class Collision series where love and loyalty are tested beyond measure, families threaten to rip apart, old relationships are confronted, and the strength of the human heart is pushed to the limit.
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